Foseco’s sand mould and core coating products help foundry operators achieve the best available casting surface finishes at the highest possible level of operational efficiency. Because we focus our efforts on advanced rheology and suspension technologies, and use only the highest quality refractory components, Foseco’s sand coating products provide “as-cast” excellent surface performance, particularly in critical applications. They are also noted in the industry for their ease of use and process productivity.


Foseco’s Sand Coating products provide:

  • Reduced defects, particularly surface defects like veining, sand burn-in, and metal penetration.
  • Increased productivity, because Foseco’s pioneering work in coating rheology and suspension technologies allows full-rate production of castings, minimizing coated core scrap and rectification, coating process variation and handling slow-downs. 
  • Improved quality, in addition to reducing defects, by acting as a robust element in a consistent foundry process and by improving the metallurgical properties and surface appearance of castings.


Refractory coatings provide a protective barrier between the molten metal and the mould or core substrate. It is this barrier that is of paramount importance in ensuring the integrity of the as-cast surface of the finished component, and hence inconsistencies within the coating structure or the application method will be reflected in the surface quality of the component.


The improvement in as-cast surface finish, can be as basic as the removal of sand grain definition, but more often it is the reduction and elimination of a number of casting defects:

  • Metal Penetration
  • Poor Casting Strip
  • Mould Erosion
  • Gas Defects
  • Metal / Mould Reactions
  • Sand Expansion Defects
  • Metallurgical Defects


By careful selection of refractory fillers, rheology and the application characteristics required by the foundry, Foseco coatings are designed to deposit the correct coating structure onto a given substrate, to ensure cast surface integrity. The range of products have been specifically engineered so that they can be applied by dipping, flow coating, brushing, swabbing and spraying.

  • Coatings for sand moulds and cores

Water and solvent based coatings with specially selected refractory materials to ensure full protection against metal penetration and burn-on defects.

  • Specialty coatings

Electrostatic coatings, mould hardeners, and coatings for fill mould, lost foam, spun pipe, refractories and tools.

  • Coating Preparation Plant

Automated, density controlled coating preparation equipment for optimum wet layer thickness application.

  • Containers and equipment

A selection of containers and equipment for the transport, storage and application of coatings products.

Some products may not be available in your area. 

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